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Featuring Pellet and Corn Stoves from Harman
and New Pellet Stoves from Harman, Lopi, Bosca, and VistaFlame

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Pellet Stoves

Pellet Inserts

Lopi Pellet Stoves

Lopi Pellet insert

VistaFlame Pellet Stoves
The world's leading pellet stove manufacturer has specially designed the VistaFlame 100's to meet the demand for an affordable pellet stove without sacrificing important quality features.

Available in two models, the VF100's have oversized ash pans and large pellet hopers just like other more expensive pellet stoves. You can even customize the VF100's to suit your individual setting.

Easy to use and service, these attractive stoves offer you all this at an unrivaled price! Feature for feature, we're sure you won't find a better value anywhere else!

Please call the store for detailed information on the VistaFlame Pellet Stoves 800-627-3410 or Email us

VistaFlame 100

VistaFlame 170

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